FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What material is used to produce our whirlpools?

A: Our whirlpool tubs are constructed of pure acrylic sheets that are uniform in color and thickness. They are shaped through a process of heat and vacuum that forms the whirlpool tub design. Then they are backed up with many layers of fiberglass and marine grade plywood to add strength in stress areas. The whirlpool system is then fitted and water pressure tested before shipping.

Q: What is the difference between our Acrylic tubs and other Jacuzzi type tubs using gel-coated fiberglass construction?

A: An acrylic whirlpool tub has a thick outer surface that faces the daily use of the whirlpool. It can be easily cleaned and surface scratches can be removed with light sanding or buffing. Gel-coated tubs have a surface that is only as thick as a layer of automotive paint and can become worn through during normal use and will loose its gloss a period of time.

Q: Why are the whirlpools we offer less expensive than other whirlpools offered in showrooms or other sites?

A: We pass the wholesale savings to you by shipping direct from the factory. This cuts down on overhead expenses that are usually passed on to the consumer. By custom making and shipping factory direct, we do not have warehouse expenses and this SAVES YOU MONEY. .

Q: How is my whirlpool protected through warranty?

A: All of the whirlpool tubs that we sell are factory new first quality and come with a complete factory warranty. Click here to view warranty information.

Q: How is the whirlpool tub shipped to me?

A: Our whirlpool tubs are shipped from the factory to a truck line terminal in your area. You are contacted by them and when the whirlpool arrives at their location for pickup. You can also make arrangements with the truck lines to arrange home delivery at an extra charge by them.

Q: Are specification sheets and installation instructions available?

A: Yes, we offer spec sheets and installation information that is very helpful when installing your new whirlpool tub.

If you have other questions, we will be glad to answer them for you. Please feel free to call us 24 hours a day at 1 800 599-6438